How To Professionally Highlight and Tone Asian Hair


Welcome to my hair station.

Before          →            After

Before Hair After Hair

Your total today will be $3.63.

OMG can you imagine your hair stylist charging you $3.63?

No way!

Isn’t McDonalds more than that hehe.

mcdonalds-Filet-O-Fish          small fries week 17          McDonald's Chocolate Ice Cream

Poison! Both hair dye and McDonalds are poison.

Do not eat!

Eat it and you will look like this:


Ok SO now that we understand what poision is, make sure you read the instructions of the products please, because there is risk involved in using these chemicals. Be cautious and take your time in educating yourself about the product usage.


It was SO EASY after the first foil, I couldn’t believe it.

There is one catch.

You will have to do math.

Grumpy Cat Math

Haha! I’m just kidding. It barely even counts as math.

If you can count to two, you can do this. 

half of 1…1…2.

My old hair stylist gave me the professional formula he used for spectacular highlights in Asian hair

Hair Formula

when he retired himself from doing hair and went solely into management, and it is my pleasure to share this info. with U!

Our hair color and Dr. Lee eyes will match.

Products needed:

Order online (I ordered from eBay):

1. Matrix SoColor 7A (Dark Blonde Ash) ~$5.00 **Some of the colors have been discontinued, but there are substitute mixes. I like the ASH family and cool tones for my hair color.

Hair 7A

2. Matrix SoColor 7AV (Dk Blonde Ash Violet) ~$4.49.

Hair 7AV

 3. Matrix Volume 10 Cream Developer. Make sure it’s compatible with SoColor. It will say so on the front of the bottle! ~$22.50 for 32 oz.

Hair Matrix 10 vol.

Buy at Sally Beauty Supply:

1. Salon Care 30 Volume CREME Developer. I used 40 volume since my hair is thick as in each piece of hair is thick. If you are unsure, use the 30 volume. ~$2.70, tax included, on sale.

Hair Salon Care 30 Vol.

2. Salon Care Prism Lites BLUE Dust Free Tonal Lightener. ~$16.23, tax included, on sale.

Hair Prism Lites Blue

Buy at Sally Beauty Supply or find at home:

3. Two PLASTIC bowls

                        Hair plastic bowlHair plastic bowl

4. Two Hair tint brushes

Hair Tint Brush Hair Tint Brush


5. Foil Hair Foil

6. Fitted GlovesHair gloves


7. Metal pin point combHair Comb

8. PLASTIC clips. (The instructions advise against using metal clips). I found these fluorescent clips at H&M and I LOVE them! They’re so cute, non-frumpy, and higher quality than the norm and won’t pull your hair.

Hair H&M Clips

After you have all of your products, begin by setting up your hair station:

1. Cover your hair station counter and then lay out all your items in order from left to right.

2. Prepare your foils. I cut each foil into 4 pieces for the sides of my head since I split my hair into two vertical two to three inch wide sections on each side of my head. On the top portion of my head it was easier to use half size foils, splitting each foil into 2 pieces instead of 4! Cut extra foils so you can lay a layer of foil on top of the hair that’s processing, instead of folding the foil. Remember, you’re doing your own hair on your own head. Make the process as simple and FAST as you can and eliminate the time it takes to fold the foils. If you process too long, you could burn your hair off.

I completed steps 1. and 2. the night before I proceeded to do my hair, so after I laid it all out it I was tired and went to sleep. When I woke up, the hair station was set for me.

Table for Hair Highlights

3. Optional but very helpful: Bring in additional lighting. Make the room as bright as you can so you’re not straining your eyes, and do not strain your eyes by staring at your head in odd angles for long periods.

I hung lights um, with the cords hanging in this room for the purpose of getting ready, but they helped tremendously with my hair!


Plan ahead to have the extra patience because you have to look at your own head in the mirror in different angles, including totally backwards in a mirror to make sure your application is on right!

4. Read the instructions included in the products. This is a MUST- There are risks involved!

Now that you’re prepped, let’s start!

Ok, readyyyyyyyy for fantastic hair! Yey.

Step 1: Section unwashed hair into 5 sections or as many as you need. I had two vertical 2 to 3 inch wide sections on each side of my head and one 3 inch wide section down the top center of my head. Twist hair and clip up each section. I used metal clips for this part- the non-dye part of my hair for it to stay.

Step 2: Mix ONE scoop (scoop included in Prism blue bleach powder bucket) of Prism blue bleach powder with TWO scoops of the 30 or 40 volume developer in the plastic bowl. Mix well! No clumps.

Step 3: Foil your hair! Do each side section from the bottom to the top and the top section from back to front. Use your mirror for the crown application. You don’t have to do many foils. Four is plenty on the sides per section. It’s up to you! I weaved random hair. Some thin, some chunky, and not orderly. It doesn’t have to be neat, either, as in laying the foils straight up your head. I laid my foils on my head from many angles, but the key is that the bleach formula must be brushed on thoroughly in your hair. Since this was the first time, I stayed clear of bleaching the hair to the roots to make it less difficult, but it still turned out close to the roots, so you do not need to get too close to your scalp! Lay the brush down on the hair in the foil with pressure for it to stay and in place of folding the foils, lay another on top. Much easier as they tend to move. When you’re done foiling, Wait 35-40 minutes. Eyeball it. When you see your hair in the front turning a flourescent yellow, discard foils (fast) and then rinse and shampoo. You may have to do half, either the top and bottom on different days, to make sure you don’t process too long. You want to avoid getting frustrated and getting sloppy because it can be tiring doing it for the first time. Also you wanna avoid long process time, because your hair can become really damaged and break off.

Comb hair. It may look something like any of the photos below, depending on your lighting:

After Bleach   After Bleach 2  After Bleach 3

Step 4: Mix your toner:

See the 1/2 ounce markings on the back of the tubes and squeeze into the plastic bowl a:

1/2 ounce of Matrix SoColor 7A (Dark Blonde Ash)


1/2 ounce of Matrix SoColor 7AV (Dk Blonde Ash Violet)


1 ounce Matrix 10 Volume Developer

Eyeball the amount or use a measuring tool.

Step 5: Begin applying the toner in your hair from your roots to ends. Comb each piece before applying the toner color and then after you complete your whole head, comb through your hair in small sections flipping your hair over the opposite way with a wide tooth comb to check underneath for smoothness and evenness in color. Wait approximately 30 minutes or until you see the desired color you like!

Step 6. Rinse, shampoo, condition.

Enjoy the fresh results!

 XO Mali

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