5 Awesome Beauty Hacks

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way.

Let’s get right to it!

  1. As much as you and I love makeup, have you ever wondered why men tend to age gracefully and women tend to age, well… ungracefully? It’s because we wear makeup which restricts the oxygen and our skin can’t breathe. What do we do? I know I love my makeup! Try to take days off per week of wearing foundation, gently and thoroughly remove it when you get home from work/social activity, and wear the least amount as possible when you’re about to sweat, like if you go to the gym. Also try to rotate in days with light makeup looks like playing up your eyes with mascara and moisturizing your lips for a fresh, natural-beauty youthful look.
  2. Into wearing low cut tops to show off your decolletage? Play up that look at night and try to avoid low cut tops during the day. This way your skin is protected from the sun rays keeping your skin fresh and most importantly, healthy. You still have the night to show off your v-line.
  3. Have broken skin from an extraction, a cut, from picking at our skin, an itch, even cystic acne? I totally have the best solution for you. Go to your local drug store where you know you’re gonna get a fresh tube of Mederma. Using a Q-Tip, take a blob of Mederma and place it on the affected area. Then avoid washing that area on your face or body for a day (it’s okay if water runs over it), and continue to apply blobs of Mederma 2 or 3 more times the next couple of days. Within the next day or 2, the skin will naturally peel and you will have fresh skin underneath. Be sure to moisturize really well. I have used this on my face and within 5 hours, yes, five hours, the redness was gone and the skin seemed to rejuvenate a smooth layer, so this is perfect if you are in an emergency situation, having to go out in public because it will create a smooth surface to apply cover up over.
  4. Scars- old and new. I have heard straight from a doctor’s mouth that scar creams really do work, you just have to use them consistently once or twice a day on your scars for at least 6 months to a year, if not longer. That is the key, use it consistently- every day until you’re satisfied.
  5. There is a toothpaste that seriously exists that keeps the cavities away. It’s Desert Essence Ultra Care Toothpaste in Mega Mint. Omg, if you haven’t yet tried this brand of toothpaste, you have seriously been missing out! Not only does it make your teeth feel porcelain smooth like you just had a professional cleaning from the dentist, the flavor is the yummiest I have ever had in a toothpaste. Most importantly, using this feels effortless, like I’m not over-brushing my teeth and gums because the formula is a mixture of natural ingredients that does a lot of the work for me. Ever since I started, I haven’t had any cavities at my dental checkups. In the US it is available at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

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