Ask Mali: I’m 15 and I have many self-esteem issues and monolids which don’t help

I’m 15 and I have many self-esteem issues and monolids which don’t help.

I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I’m pretty sure I went through all of them. I want to start off by saying you’re very pretty and likeable. People have been being really negative about my appearance and I have a really low self-esteem as a result of it. I really want double eyelid surgery, but I’m young and I don’t have many resources. Do you have any advice?

You are so darling and so beautiful! It’s so big of you to admit you have self-esteem issues and I love your Q.

I, too, had very low self-esteem in high school and I couldn’t wait to get out. I didn’t want to go to graduation, but I went anyway and I cried at the end because I was so happy to get out of there.

I have learned from successful people that the self-esteem thing stays with you and everyone is feeling just like you! It’s a human condition. Doesn’t matter what the race is. The person could be Asian or white, different mixes, etc. I thought I was the only one because I’m Asian and I thought that I felt the worst out of everyone. The truth is, everyone gets picked on at one point in their life, and you are always going to get picked on for the obvious. Examples: White people get picked on for being fat or their nose or big ears, etc. African people, because of their skin color. Then, we attach ourselves to that. So everyone feels like you whether or not they admit it or how it looks on the outside if that helps. <333 Also, people just need to be entertained. It’s the same thing like when we watch TV or videos of people falling over in the lake and we laugh at them : )

If I were in your shoes, I would take the extra time I have and learn a skill and the confidence and money will follow, because you can feel confident about your outcome of the things you do.

Right now, you can actually make money as you are! Here are some options:

**I would go to and create an account. What that is- you offer your services for beginning at $5, which is how the name came about. Here are some suggestions to sell on fiverr:

*You can offer to comment on peoples YouTube videos and blogs for $5 which is something that most people do anyway.

*If you are interested in photo-shop, you can learn how to use it and then offer to photo-shop peoples photos beginning at $5. Every photo you see in the media is photo-shopped.

*You can offer your voice and be a voice-over person.

*If you have a pet you can offer to take a photo of your pet.

*Write a love letter, etc. for $5.

*You can offer to do research on the internet for someone.

Success stories: There is some foreign guy I heard of that makes $20k a month on that site and he barely has internet connection. There is a girl that draws people to make them look like The Simpson characters. I have watched her sales page and she offers it beginning at $5 per person and is making $250 per day, minimum, and she lives in Vietnam.

Some other options:

**You can also open an eBay account and start selling things of yours like clothes and accessories you haven’t worn in 1 year, and also sell the stuff in your house no one needs/is using. I guess, ask your parents first if it’s ok : )

**Petsitting / Housesitting / Babysitting

**You could start your own YouTube channel and create your following and start by recording the things you do normally every day. The best videos are the random ones if you have a thought, and if you have a different trait, you can get lots of views. My bf tells me to post my weird toes that are like fingers on YouTube and he says I’ll get a lot of views. Possibly, I’ll do that someday : ) Your following will be the key in getting rich in your future. You never know what could happen in the future. You are really pretty and businesses will pay for “YouTube advertisers” or if you decide to start selling a product, you will have a jump start with your leads.

**If you love makeup, there is a brand called Younique that hires girls like us. All you have to do is wear it and post selfies. It’s only about $100 to start- you buy a starter set, you post a selfie of yourself in the makeup on your social media, and as the sales come in, you make money off of each sale.

As for your environment, I recommend reading, watching videos, and listening to talks of people you want to be like. This way, you are “hanging out” with people of admirable traits and you will pick up on their habits.


I remember about a year ago, next to a zumba class I was taking, was a gymnastics gym for kids. I walked in there, curious, and ended up taking a night job at the place temporarily. I remember thinking about the kids and how I would address plastic surgery to them. I decided that I wouldn’t of course, BUT, if they came to me, I would completely support them and guide them so that they do make the right decision. There was even a gal at the gymnastics gym that was like 8 years old and she had one of those 1 droopy eyelids, a lazy eye, and she was such a cute gal, and I noticed she didn’t make eye contact with me and would look away, and she had a sad disposition. I wished so bad that I could help her, but it was not my place at all. So given that you reached out to me, for your circumstance, I would say- once you save up some money, and you are for sure wanting the surgery, you can actually sign up for a payment plan for your double eyelid surgery though lending companies such as Care Credit. This way, it will be easier to make monthly payments for your surgery instead of having to pay for it all at once.

Sometimes, you just know certain things about yourself. I knew when I was very young that I was absolutely going to get a boob job lol. I was 13 years old or younger. There are just some things that I knew and that was one them no matter what! I had a friend who got hers at 17 years old and I immediately figured out a way to get mine! It took someone else doing it to give me the courage to move forward with it. As for double eyelid surgery, if I knew about it as a teen, I would have gotten it right away, but that’s me : )

Keep your chin up. You are a sharp gal and right now high school is your whole world but it will soon pass. : )

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