Day 2: The Morning of Asian Double Eyelid Surgery!

Good Morning to U!


Today is a brand new day and the first day of your newfound freedom!




Remember to:

♥  Lock your valuables (cash $$$$$ and card(s), electronic devices, jewelry, etc.) in the safe if you’re staying at a hotel

♥  Wear a loose fitting zip-up top, loose fitting bottoms, and shoes that are easy to slip on

Bring with you to Dr. Lee’s office:

♥  $120 cash for the nurse

♥  ~$50 cash (I prefer this method over passing your debit/credit card around) or card for the taxi ride to Dr. Lee’s office

♥ ~$110 cash or card for payment of your medication from Dr. Lee.

♥  The waiver forms for Dr. Lee, read and signed by you

♥  Directions from the place you’re staying to Dr. Lee’s office printed (just incase) for the taxi driver. Be sure both addresses are printed.

♥   Reverse directions from Dr. Lee’s office to your place of stay for your nurse.

~ My Journal ~

I really didn’t sleep at all last night! I was SO excited! I was like, OMG, my life’s going to change… What’s it going to be like? Planning for the trip and the days leading up to the surgery was so exciting, and here I am in LA, and it’s really about to happen! I thought ok, it will be fine, because I’m coming back to sleep at the hotel for a few days anyway, so I will be ok without much sleep before surgery.

I‘m up all night looking at pretty Asian eyes. Gals from overseas… Korean girls, and other photos of before and after and feeling amazed… like OMG, I’m really doing this! My worries will be GONE.

I’ll have extra hours in my days, because I won’t have to spend hours getting ready. I will be able to jump in the pool and not have a thought about my layers of eye makeup and false lashes falling off… I will be able to walk around without any eye makeup and feel totally confident. I’ll be a free spirit again… like when I was a little girl. My life is going to be EASY. I’m ready.

4:00 AM

I think I slept about a half hour last night. I’m up getting ready to go. I vigorously scrubbed my head, shampooing my head twice in the shower again, per Dr. Lee. No eye make up and sunglasses, I wore a loose fitting Victoria’s Secret PINK zip-up hoodie and loose fitting Victoria’s Secret PINK lounge pants with Uggs. The nurses have to dress you after, so keep that in mind- you want it to be easy for the both of you. After surgery, I made it a bit too easy for them though with the slip on shoes. When they slipped them on, they put them on the wrong feet! … I was blindfolded, but I could feel it~ We had a good laugh.

5:45 AM

I went downstairs to catch a taxi to go see Dr. Lee! You just show up downstairs in the front outside the lobby and the taxis are waiting to take you at the Marriott. The ride was about 40 minutes and cost about $45.00.

6:45 AM

There’s an air of comfort when I walked in the door at Dr. Lee’s office. Dr. Lee and his staff are so welcoming and genuinely there for me. The nurses are sincere and sweet. I met one at the front who checked me in and also was there during the surgery, and another Japanese lady who held my hand during part of the surgery. I spoke with her and asked her if she had anything done. Now that I’m sitting here writing this, I believe she gets asked this a lot, but she was so gracious about it! I am so grateful for his staff- they are caring ladies, so while Dr. Lee is focused on the eyes and measurements, the nurses are there for you. Everyone is busy, but they are good people, giving their best with the time they had with me. This experience makes me want to be a nurse! Minus the goriness. I like their supportive nature.


When I arrived at Dr. Lee’s office I went ahead and paid for the medication and had them give the medication to the nurse that was taking me to the hotel. I also gave them the $120, directions to the hotel, and my room key to give to the nurse.

I came in with pics I saved of girls’ eyes I like on my cell phone to show Dr. Lee. We sat in his office and he evaluated the results of each of the girls. It was like second nature to him to point out all parts of the girls’ eyes. I was surprised, because I stared at these images and didn’t notice the things that he noticed and pointed out to me.

These were pics of girls with makeup on. I had no idea how or where the crease should be, but I knew I didn’t want the tapered look. I wanted the crease to be close to the inner corner of my eyes, but not tapered, and I wanted to have big doll eyes. It’s a good idea to show him pics, but in my experience, I felt like I didn’t really have to. He knew better, and I got a bigger crease than the gals in the pics, which I am glad. I now know the gals used a lot of makeup to make their eyes look bigger than their surgery results, so they still are making the effort to enlarge the eyes, but if they were to have gotten a larger crease, then they wouldn’t have to put that much work into their eye makeup.

Dr. Lee measured and skillfully drew on my face, measuring and adjusting, and I ultimately let him decide. After all, with his experience he knows best. I ended up going with a medium crease, as he stated, “Where the crease would naturally fall… where the crease wants to go!” Also, he asked if I wear eyeliner, and since I do, the crease needed to be higher, otherwise it won’t show- I am imagining like the girls in the photos I showed Dr. Lee. I see his point- I think it’s cuter if the crease shows. Most of the time with Dr. Lee will be him measuring and adjusting.

My surgery was in December, so as I entered into the operating room, the bed was nice and warm with its own heat blowing out all over it… fancy~ It was cozy and I felt safe and sure about it.

The nurse showed me the fancy sterilized tools.

I lay in the bed, the nurse sets the IV in my left hand, and I’m calmed. Dr. Lee injects my eyelids with local anesthesia and the surgery begins. I am awake during it, eyes closed as Dr. Lee does his work, then I open them when he asks for me to look in different directions. The nurse voices her opinion when it looks right and is there supporting Dr. Lee, hands on with the surgery. I remember I was talking a lot. I don’t think that is a good idea! I remember Dr. Lee telling me that I won’t remember any of it, but I do! I think it’s best to keep quiet so Dr. Lee can focus on your eyelids instead of thinking of what to say to you. You will experience the surgery with all of your senses. Be brave and remind yourself it’s totally worth it. You are strong and can handle this! There’s fancy equipment and tools I haven’t seen or experienced before, so it’s all very new. If you feel nervous, trust in Dr. Lee and stay calm. This is the time to breathe, be patient, and let it happen. I mean, Dr. Lee has the gory job! Hellooo. You can lay there and enjoy the ride. Ahaha!

Dr. Lee finishes my right eyelid and and then completes the other. It took some time. I had to remind myself to stay calm. OMG I have so much respect for Dr. Lee. That must be so gory! When it was complete, I was taken into another room to rest on another bed. I didn’t want to leave that spot! I wanted to stay. I did rest there for a while while I waited for the nurse to arrive.

Jamie was sooooooo sweet! I love her! I got to spend the most time with her. She was caring and intuitively attentive. She drove well to make the ride as smooth as possible and I took my shoes off in her car, and totally forgot them and when we were in the hotel she went to her car to go get them. If possible, request her!

My room was “far” from the hotel parking lot and the front entrance, so Jamie dropped me off at the front to go park the car. Blindfolded, I got in one of the wheelchairs at the front where a helper pushed me for which seemed like such a looooooooooong ride down the halls. There were a lot of people everywhere and I was being pushed around them! OMG, hurry up! I can’t even see and I felt like everyone was staring at me. Get me in bed please…. When he got me to my room (Biggest relief ever), I was like, “Put your arms out and help me please! Can you set my pillows up?” He was such a good sport. I believe his name was Frankie. I was sure to write him a nice note and tipped him on my way out of the hotel.

Jamie and I talked the whole time in between me falling asleep and waking up. She was like a best friend and kept my mind off feeling nauseous and kept me feeling positive, and I was able to eat and drink a couple hours later. She fed me the bagels I got at LAX and four hours post-surgery, removed the bandages and was totally surprised because there wasn’t any bruising. “Wow! It looks normal, I was expecting blood!” she said. I was so excited, too, and couldn’t wait to see what it looked like. I just knew my recovery was going to be fast, even though I would have endured any recovery period to have this surgery.

After Jamie left, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I went to go look in the mirror. I was really nervous to see… I have been anticipating this moment for some time. I was SO happy with what I saw. I could tell the results were going to be great! I looked at my eyes from the side and the front, and I was amazed. I could tell from the side view it was going to look good.

Side Note: You will look the same as you did before surgery, but slightly different. It will be a bigger version of what you already have. It’s important to be realistic in your expectations.

Ok sooo… Jamie leaves, I’m alone and have to take care of myself. I turned on talk shows and watched.

Every two hours, I’d fall asleep. I slept off the anesthesia and in general, my eyes needed to rest. If I opened them really big it gave me an instant headache!

I ate a little bit and ordered some room service…

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