A Review for You: Dr. Lee’s Beverly Hills Apartment for Patients

dr. lee apartment II


I want to share with you a review of Dr. Lee’s apartment he has available for you to stay at when you go to surgery with him.

I didn’t get to stay at it because it was booked by the time I scheduled my eyelid surgery. I sooooo wish I did because then I would’ve had a roomie and we could’ve supported each other.

Here it is:

“Since you didn’t get to stay at the apartment Dr. Lee provides his patients, I wanted to share with you the set-up, because this apartment really makes the trip worth it, versus staying in a hotel.
There is a main bedroom, which luckily I’m in and I have the apartment to myself tonight, other patient coming in tomorrow, and then there’s another bed in the living room that’s enclosed with partitions.
And OMG I am so happy and so lucky that I have the main bedroom.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable in the bedroom set-up in the living room.  It’s very small and there’s less privacy, whereas the main bedroom is quite spacious and right next to the bathroom, which is a shared bathroom.
And then there is a little kitchen, with kitchen stuff, plus the refrigeration is stocked with ice packs, a dining table, and a TV in the living room, plus the extra bedroom is in the living room, too, separated by partitions.
I just took a shower and omg, the shower head is out of this world, it’s probably the best shower I’ve had, no joke, lol … it’s like full of power and blasts hot water and is great for someone who’s recovering from a cold/flu and needs a super hot shower.

When I was talking to my roomie, she said Dr. Lee actually has TWO apartments that he offers his patients.  I thought there was just one.  I am taking two showers a day just because I love the shower spray so much, haha …

It’s a nice added bonus that he offers his patients this apartment and everything is so clean, the bathtub is super white, and my room is very comfortable.”

 dr. lee apartment
There you have it, totally raw.
I personally wouldn’t mind either room, but if you are a pretty private person, I would recommend booking your appointment as early in advance as you can to ensure you get the main bedroom. Both of you will be glad there’s actually another person there going through the same or similar experience with you- traveling alone and most of the people you know not even knowing you’re going through with the surgery. As a patient flying out by yourself, your sensitivity levels are heightened and you are completely vulnerable right now to everything so it’s a total plus to get to have another person with you for this experience.
XO Mali

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