Day 1: My Arrival in Los Angeles, California

I flew to LAX airport Tuesday evening after work and stayed at the Marriott by LAX from Tuesday night to Saturday evening.

On my way to the bus area, considering that I was going to be unable for the rest of the week, I picked up Einstein’s bagels, cream cheese, etc., and water to take to the hotel. The cost was ~$40, but that was a safer way for a gal to buy food at night instead of taking a taxi to a grocery store and back to the hotel with a stranger (cab driver).

I then took the complimentary Marriott shuttle from the airport to the hotel where there were vending machines for water, so I could’ve waited until I got to the hotel to buy the water! (If you stay at the Marriott, be sure to get on the right bus! There are two different buses that will take you to two different Marriotts.)

When I arrived at the hotel, it was very busy with lots of people lounging around downstairs! I went straight to check in to the room and requested one on the bottom floor, and the nice man that checked me in put me by the pool.

I went to the room and looked out the window and enjoyed the view of two men in the jacuzzi together.

Just kidding, but there really were two people in the jacuzzi. They were brave~ it was winter.

Below was the view outside the back door of the hotel room.


There are two doors to the room incase you need to escape. One opens to the hallway for room service delivery, and the other opens to the center courtyard as you see here.

Stay in the same room as me!


Save $$$$$$ and book in advance because Dr. Lee offers an apartment for you to stay, and you pay a small daily fee.

*Bonus- I believe two people can fit in the apartment at the same time, so you may end up with a friend to hang out with that may be going through a similar situation as you. 🙂

This is exactly what my room looked like:


I stayed for a couple of days in the bed on the left. Nurse Jamie hung out on the bed on the right, and I ended up switching beds because I spilled crumbs and food all over the other one.

I began to unpack and followed Dr. Lee’s instructions not to eat or drink after a certain hour that night, and to vigorously shampoo and scrub my head twice in the shower.


There was a hole in the ceiling at the hotel right above the shower and I noticed it while I was showering, freaked out, jumped out of the shower to grab toilet paper, and stuffed it into the hole. I left it there, too, when I left the room for good, for the next person that rents out the room hehe.

hotel bathroom

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