My Top 3 Asian Eyelid Surgery “Norms” Debunked

true false bw 1. It’s cheaper to go overseas to get Asian Eyelid Surgery. Girls go overseas to get the Asian Eyelid Surgery because it’s “cheap.” That’s the number 1 driving force for them to go. Then, they come back home to the states and need help, but… the overseas doctors don’t answer or return their calls because they know you’re from overseas, and unfortunately, they don’t have to return your calls. That’s where the “cheap” comes in. You are not protected as a consumer for your overseas purchase. The language barrier gives them even more leverage to get away with this. To top that, the facilities are not inspected like the USA, so there isn’t a minimum standard for the overseas operations to follow in order to conduct business. That’s why the cost is higher in America. It’s expensive to certify your facility. In America, the consumer IS protected. That’s the difference of doing the procedure overseas vs. America. What do you do when your eye surgery didn’t turn out well overseas and they don’t return your calls and emails? The girls have no choice but to make the decision they really wanted to make to begin with and go to their first doctor of choice in the USA, paying for the procedure again, taking time off work again, and going through the surgery procedure again. You pay a price for “cheap.” You will get what you pay for. You must ask yourself- Is the risk in this situation worth taking?

2. You can go to any doctor, as long as they’re a doctor, board certified, and do plastic surgery for a living. I have been there for girls who chose to go to a local doctor, no matter the doctor’s specialty, and have seen them suffer from having bad results. On top of the bad results, it ruins the relationship with the patient and doctor, and since it’s nearby where you live, you have to face it over and over, be reminded of it constantly, and continue in the agony of living with your botched result. Ideally, the girls end up choosing the correct, specialized doctor to get a revision. It’s not like they knew this would happen and that it would be a bad decision. It’s just… they didn’t know better at the time.

3. People fly from all over the world to go to a specialized doctor without even meeting the doctor in person. For most specialized plastic surgeons, all of their patients come from the internet, show up to their doctor of choice, and meet them for the first time and do the surgery in the same visit. This is perfectly normal and is a wise decision in this case. See my video on how to choose a plastic surgeon here

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