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You are not alone~ Far from it…


♥ I’ve heard about a new technique which claims that it is not a surgery but it’s “Double Eyelid Stitches” which is scarless and cheaper. What do you think?
If you have thin skin, the DST non-incision method may be suitable for you. If you have thick and excess skin around your upper eyelid, then the incisional method may be more suitable for you. This way, the excess skin and fat can be removed to create a defined double eyelid fold. When I sent my consultation photos to Dr. Lee, I wanted to get the DST method because it’s sort of like the first step in getting the surgery, but deep down I really wanted the incision results! Turns out, I didn’t qualify for the DST method and I was so glad because I didn’t have the choice and as scared as I was, I was glad that I had to go for the incisional method. In my opinion, I love the incisional method more because it has a more dramatic-looking result : )
♥ You have my dream eye lids… Mine are uneven as well. One of my eyes looks deeper and larger than the other because it’s more hooded. I have to wear thick lashes like you said you used to, too, but not because it made a fold, but because it hid my uneven lids. I have to wear my eyeliner uneven to give off an illusion of similar eyes. I can’t wear JUST eyeliner and eyeshadow, and if I do, it has to be so high just to be visible when giving a normal expression. I want my fold where yours is pretty much. Without a before picture, I feel like you already had a gorgeous fold and it’s giving me false hope xD Could I pretty please have a before picture?
Click here to see before and after photos. 🙂
♥ I recently had a bad eyelid surgery and will need a fix. I saw your video, and I’m thinking about going to see Dr. Lee. I would like to ask you some questions. What’s the best way to ask you- email, or any other ways?
Sorry to hear about your bad eyelid surgery…. You can email me at:
♥ It’s so kind of you to follow up with me. As I mentioned in the comment to your video, I had an eyelid surgery done 4 months ago. It didn’t come out well. I most likely will need another surgery to fix it. Here are some questions I have for you, and your help will be greatly appreciated!
♥ After 6 months maybe, are your eyelids looking different than 3 months after the surgery? They look really nice in your video.
It’s my pleasure to answer your questions… Sorry to hear of your results.
I feel like my eyelids look the same from 3 to 6 months.
♥ Do you still have visible scars from the surgery, other than the line for the fold?
The line is hard to see. They disappeared- I thought they would stay, but the folds become part of your eyes without the lines.
♥ Did you have to go back for any minor modification after the initial surgery to get the result in your videos?
The videos are a result of one surgery- incisional with a medium crease and ptosis correction. I went from monolids to double eyelids. 🙂
♥ Did you have to travel to Dr. Lee’s city for surgery? If so, how did you have the initial consultation with him? How many times did you have to travel there? How many follow-up appointments did you have, and did you have to travel for those too? I live in the northeast, so for me, it’ll be a long travel :-(.
Yes, I did fly to see Dr. Lee for surgery! My initial consultation with him was me emailing pics of my eyes and whole face at different angles (front, side, and underneath), per Dr. Lee’s request. Then he was able to figure out which surgery would work for my eyelids and quoted me a price! (His prices start at $2,500 and he offers student discounts as well!)
I also emailed him pics of girls’ eyes that I wanted. Actually, for many years, I would randomly email him, and he would always be there in a timely response. He recommended circling in pics what you like and pointing at areas in the pics that you want! After surgery, I feel like I didn’t have to do this step because the girls have a lot of makeup on and it’s hard to tell what’s going on (for me to see, not Dr. Lee). Before surgery, he already knew what would work for my face. The picky part for me was I didn’t want them tapered, but I wanted it close. He did that for me, and the rest was all Dr. Lee.
I traveled to see Dr. Lee one time, and within that one trip I saw him twice- once for surgery, of course, and then the follow-up appointment which was three days post-surgery.
I stayed in Los Angeles from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening. My surgery was Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM, and my follow up appointment was Saturday at 10:00 AM, then I went to the hotel to sleep of the local anesthesia (to remove some stitches) and then I flew out that evening at 6:00 PM. I could have had the follow-up appointment two days after on Friday. It seems like such a short amount of time! I had the dissolvable sutures, so that’s probably why I was able to fly back home quickly!
The third follow-up appointment was via email, where you send him a photo of you two weeks post-op!
Here is mine:

2 weeks post-op

Dr. Lee can complete your surgery and follow-up appointment in one trip. He also offers an apartment (I heard it was cozy) for you to stay for a small cleaning fee. (Book as early as you know you’re able to go see him to reserve your spot!) 
♥ Was Dr. Lee easy to communicate with about what desired result you want? Was he good at giving you suggestions on what kind of double fold will look best on you?
Yes, absolutely. This was the tricky part. I had no idea where or what the crease would be like, but I just knew the results I wanted, and I know his style is dolly-eyed like. I completely trusted in him to pick the spot, and left it in his hands. When I met him, the morning of my surgery, he measured my eyes himself, and I asked him if the results would be better than my monolid! He said yes, and was ready to go! To him it was obvious I think, so he didn’t say anything. I had no idea for my face until after. He asked me if I wear eyeliner, and said the crease has to be higher or it won’t be seen at all. He measured many times to get it right and he’s so used to doing the surgery that he just goes with it and knows exactly what to do. My requirement was~ I didn’t want tapered eyelids, but I wanted the inner fold to be close, but not tapered. I wanted the top of my eyes to look like a half dome, too.
♥ If you don’t mind, what was your surgery cost? As I just had one, I’m cost sensitive now :-(.
Sorry to hear 🙁 Mine was $3,900, but his price begins in the mid $2Ks and up, and he offers a student discount. You should send Dr. Lee pics! He will give you his thoughts, and quote you for free, and he will in detail know down to the tiniest detail of what needs to be fixed on your eyes. He analyzed so quickly the pics that I showed him in person of girls’ eyes I liked on my phone the morning of my surgery, things I didn’t notice!
♥ Did Dr. Lee say how long your double fold will last?
Yes, mine is going to last a lifetime since I did the incisional. The DST method has a high likelihood of lasting a lifetime.
♥ Was your surgery to create a brand new double fold, or to adjust an existing double fold?
Brand new~
I’m so glad you wrote me! I remember going through this by myself, into the unknown, taking it day by day, hoping for the best.
♥ Can you make a video again now?
Hi, I upload videos periodically so you can see updates of my eyes from 3 days post-op to weeks and months post-op!
♥ So pretty! I want double eyelids like that. It turned out so well!
♥ Is sixteen a good age to do double eyelid surgery?
If you are set on having the surgery, and have known for a while that you for sure are going to get it, then I would say yes. I didn’t know if I would like double eyelids until I couldn’t stand spending so much time doing my eye makeup every day. I thought, anything will be an improvement of this! Now that I have it, I would have done it at 16 if I knew about it then! My life has been so much easier in getting ready- I save a lot of time doing my makeup and I’m more comfortable with myself and “relaxed” now.
♥ Your eyes look good! How are the scars? Can you do a close up without makeup?
Thank you! The scars are invisible, it healed well, and I didn’t ever have any bumps or scar tissue, and I do not scar well on my body at all. I didn’t know about “bumps” until others asked me if I had them, as they have them from the results of their surgery (elsewhere). There is a close up of my eyes closed without makeup in the before and after video here. 🙂
♥ Hey girl! I saw your videos and your eyelids are looking fantastic. I was wondering, how much in TOTAL did you have to bring to get your eyes done (in total how much did the whole process cost? i.e. hotel, service, surgery, consults) because i’m saving up right now and currently, I’m at $1k (slowly but surely getting there). I wanna know how much I should bring. I also live in PA, so I will be having to fly to CA to see Dr. Charles Lee.
♥ Also, another q… I’m afraid to let my friends know that I want this. I don’t want them to think I’m superficial or anything, I just think it’d be exciting to try out new make up and seem more awake!! How did your friends deal with this? (I have mostly white friends, so they wouldn’t understand lol!)
Good for you to have the discipline to save! Below is the breakdown:
$0 consultation if by email
$200 to stay at Dr. Lee’s apartment or hotel fees
$110 Medication
$120 Nurse Service for a ride back to your place of stay and 4 hours of care
~$150 for three taxis rides. 1 to surgery and two for the follow-up appointment. Add two more if you stay at Dr. Lee’s to and from the airport.
$                 Airfare
$                 Food
~$2,500-3,900 Surgery (Be sure to let Dr. Lee know if you are a student for a student discount)
I’m so excited for you! Dr. Lee provides an apartment for a small fee to stay in CA for about a week. I believe ~$200 for the cleaning fee, so try to book in advance so you can save your spot and not have to pay for a hotel.
I know what you’re feeling about your friends. Understand that people won’t understand what it is, and they won’t think that you need it. I knew this, so anything that anyone would say didn’t sway my decision. They have no idea what you go through to get ready, the psychological stress that comes with it, etc. (I don’t go into that much detail telling people). I first told my BFF (white person), who was a bit worried about me. (After surgery she thought my results look amazing!) I also had an Asian friend years ago that screamed at me when I mentioned it to her. If you have friends who are accepting of you and listen well and who are into their beauty/nails/plastic surgery, I’d tell those ones first, and bring it up in a way that’s casual and at a time you’re totally feeling confident. 🙂
See the video here on how to tell your friend(s)/coworker(s). Be careful who you tell. People will notice, but it may not be a great idea to go in depth as it’s a highly controversial topic. The same applies to friends!
It’s so sweet when you say you want to put on eyeshadow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It’s so exciting opening up a fun pallette and having that creative, girly outlet, and seeing your eyes with a brighter look! People don’t understand because they are used to doing it and some even complain that they dislike taking the time to smudge, etc., when it’s really a blessing to be able to have the makeup and the outlet (your double eyelid) to use it with….
♥ Hello,
It’s the time and the procedure that I’m more worried about. I’m also pretty young to even think about getting surgery (19 years old). I do plan to get the surgery done soon, but I think Dr. Lee is kinda far from my location (San Francisco). Did you have consultations with other cosmetic surgeons in your city?
I did so much research, hoping to find a Dr. close by to do the surgery for me. I saw a couple of surgeons that did it for Asians, and there are a lot of doctors that will go ahead and do tryit. I had doubts because most of their work is on caucasians and I wasn’t feeling to go to them for the right reasons. Listen to your gut if you have a doubt… Doubt means NO! The training and expertise is different from Dr. Lee.
Consider the RESULTS you want. That should be priority number one. The time, travel, etc. will all be worth it, because… what if you choose a Dr., but you really wanted Dr. Lee’s results and are unhappy with yours because you went to a Dr. for convenience instead of their specialization. At first, it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal, then I would hear feedback from people who have jacked up eyes with bumps, etc., from inexperienced, but well-meaning doctors. You will either have to live with it forever in regret and it will bother you, or more than likely, you would want to get them redone again by your first doctor of choice. Then another issue is created and it will be on your mind again! I’m glad you wrote to me, and no I didn’t have other consultations. I studied peoples eyes online and picked the style I definitely wanted. Also, most people don’t know this~ Dr. Lee is a leader in Korea. His official title is Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University (Bundang Hospital), and they learn from his talks, so flying overseas is unnecessary, but it’s up to you! Also, if you are considering flying overseas, you might want to check into their safety standards. Click here to see the video 🙂
♥ Hello I just wanted to tell you how helpful your videos were! You convinced me in choosing Dr. Lee and I LOVE the results!! 🙂
YAY! So happy for you!! 🙂
♥ What doubts did you have?
I was nervous about changing my face, and the doubt I had was, I feared that I would look older after surgery. The reason is, I tried gluing a double fold and my mom freaked out at me and said I looked old, and she tried to convince me not to do the surgery- she thought I would look like that! I used the really sticky glue made for that. (It’s awesome thinking about it now that I don’t have to do that anymore. I used to use it with lashes glued on.) When I asked Dr. Lee about it, he explained to me that the glue method won’t work on me because I have too much space and skin and for that same reason, I wasn’t a candidate for the DST method. That made me more excited, actually… because the incisional method was what I truly wanted. I loved the results more! I just thought I could go cheaper with the DST method, and was nervous to do the incisional method… so, I’m glad it worked out that way. I’m so glad I spoke with Dr. Lee. There wasn’t any information online anywhere that I could find that about me and my situation, in english, that I could find, and I have been told I look younger after surgery! 🙂
Question from a Non-Dr. Lee patient:
♥ Hey girl!
I got my eyes done on Friday and it’s day 3 now, my swelling went down but on one of my eye, the sclera is red and it’s very irritating… thought it would go away but it didn’t.
The office is closed due to weekend and Memorial Day, but I’ll see if it continues tomorrow and I’ll call them emergency….
The swelling of the lids went down so just the sclera of my left eye is red blood shot like…I got the lateral and medial cut as well. Did you experience discomfort or redness of sclera? Thank you!
I’m so excited for you! No, I didn’t get red eyes, is it getting better? Do u have the Dr.’s cell?
Sorry to hear of your situation… I hope everything is ok. Nothing is ever 100%, and I cannot speak for everyone, but- No, I did not have anything odd going on! It was like I came out of it and I was ready to heal fast. I hope you are ok.
I googled Red sclera after eyelid surgery and on, doctors answered that it’s normal, not dangerous, and it will go away shortly, but I would ask your Dr. ASAP!
500 MG of Vitamin C 2x per day for two weeks before surgery, stopping the day before per Dr. Lee = no bruising or redness for me. I actually took 600 MG since that’s what I could find.
I appreciate your help so much girl! lol The irritation feels better today…the redness relieved a little bit. Thank goodness! Cuz it was really bad yesterday! I have the true almond shape eyes so my cut cannot be too high or else doc said it will cause Ptosis. Which is not good. But I did have the lateral and medial cut so I’m happy with that. I will email you a pic of my eyes.
Did you look, ok I was worried about you but I feel better now, it’s all uphill from here, I’m so happy for you yay!
♥ Hi,
I love your eyes.
I was watching your videos and I am also thinking about doing Asian eyelid surgery. I researched Dr. Charles Lee too and had a Skype interview with him, but I never had time to follow through because I had doubts. I very much appreciate the videos about your experience.
Some questions I thought about were:
How long were in Los Angeles?
Four days. I arrived Tuesday night, had the surgery Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM, had a follow up appointment on Saturday at 10:00 AM, went back to the hotel to sleep off the local anesthesia (to remove some stitches), and then I flew back home that evening.
Medium incision- was that Dr. Lee’s suggestion? With that in mind, did you also show him pictures?
Yes, I showed him pics. I emailed and showed him on my cell phone that I wanted a dome shaped eye, and I also showed him what I didn’t want!
I thought I was going to have a small crease- that’s what I thought I wanted. I am SO glad I went with Dr. Lee’s suggestion of a medium crease. I emailed him photos and I also showed him on my phone when I met him. The look I wanted~ I only knew what it looked like on the gals with makeup on, so I showed Dr. Lee those pics. He can see behind the makeup what was done. I had no clue.
P.S. Dr. Lee is an honest, great Dr. with integrity. I feel sometimes girls will look for the Dr. to try to connect with their patients on a closer level. It’s important to feel that connection and comfort~ know that Dr. Lee is sincere with you, but he may not express it as outwardly as you may want, and this is the point where I find gals writing to me because they are not sure. In person, the moment I stepped in the door to his facility it felt cozy and comfortable. He will be there for you if and when you need him and give you his best. He was there for me a lot before~ I would email him randomly, and after, he cares about you after, it’s almost been a year since I’ve had the surgery and he is there for me if I need him, as well as his staff, to make sure you are happy! He’s highly skilled and specializes in Asian cosmetic surgery and that’s the most important characteristic in choosing a Dr. for Asians. His skills “sell itself” haha. I would rather choose a skilled, specialized Dr. than go for one that will use other methods to win you over…
♥ How did your boyfriend and friends feel/think of you when you didn’t have the lashes on? Since I know I look so different/bad with my lashes off but with them on I look pretty good, and now that it’s summer, I feel so insecure about going to the pool because then I wouldn’t be able to wear ANY makeup let alone lashes.
In the past, I was comfortable without lashes on and men liked the natural look and would make fun of “glued on lashes.” Those are the people that care about you! I didn’t care so much about my looks back then. Then, when I became addicted to the lashes, I felt the same- that I looked so different/bad with the lashes off, so then I wouldn’t let anyone see me like that! I remember those days when I wouldn’t go to the pool either. Psychologically I felt even worse, like a total weirdo for avoiding the pool. 🙁 Now, post-surgery, I go down water slides and go under water. It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy…
♥ I have emailed Dr. Lee and he’s doing a photo consultation for me!
Yay! Keep me posted 🙂
♥ What do you tell your friends and coworkers that ask about you looking different?
Coworkers- No one flat out asked me about looking different, they just stare! I went about my business as normal and didn’t make a big deal out of any of it. One of my bosses mentioned my eyes looking swollen, but I didn’t take it as a big deal and just went on and then in the future, I would bring it up casually, and say, “I’m blogging now about my eyelids, remember, when my eyes were swollen~ that surgery!”
Friends- A close friends’ family asked me about it. She was very sweet and is a softer lady, and I was really open. I think that was a rare situation, though.
♥ At what month will all the swelling go down to your final results? I have uneven eyelids. One is double, and one mono lid that appears droopy. I am considering going to Dr. Lee also. 🙂 Did you have a consultation visit and then return to LA for the surgery, or did you do everything in one trip? How much is the consult? Thanks in advance 🙂 Your eyes look good.
~3 months for the swelling to go down! I did a free email photo consultation and went to LA once for the surgery and one follow-up appointment in the same trip, 3 days after surgery. 🙂 
♥ Hi! I’ve been watching your videos and I think you’re so amazing and brave to share your story! It’s so hard to find real life stories about this surgery because people want to erase that part of their life before surgery.
I’ve always wanted to do the eyelid surgery. I wonder, how long did you stay in Cali for, for the surgery & checkup? How much was it if you don’t mind sharing?
Thanks a lot!
I stayed for 4 days, arrived Tuesday evening, surgery 7:00 AM
Wednesday Morning, Saturday morning at 10:00 AM was the follow up appointment where he removed some stitches. I flew home Sat. evening which I recommend sleeping after the follow up appointment because the local anesthesia in your eyelids may make you feel a little dizzy (no driving!), and you may have to sleep it out 🙂
♥ I watched ur videos about your experience with the eyelid surgery; it’s really amazing! I was really considering the eyelid surgery too, but I’m in Canada. I was wondering what kind of research do you recommend doing before the surgery? I have been thinking about going to consultations with some doctors first. Please let me know! Thanks for your videos you look great 🙂
I would research doctors in the same continent, and look for doctors that specialize in Asian eyelids and have a lot of experience. There is no way someone can almost perfect a trade without much experience. If I go to a surgeon, I’ll know what their specialty is, and probably wouldn’t go to the same surgeon for a different procedure, but it depends, because Dr. Lee specializes in Asian people, and is double board certified with the whole head and neck, so he can make over a whole Asian person. (Some specialize in boob jobs, etc.). If you travel too far, say Korea, if you need a correction (nothing is ever 100%), it will be more difficult to go back. Also, try to find videos and pics of the doctor’s work and many, many examples. As I said above, Dr. Lee is an Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University and he recently gave a talk to the Chief there. Click here to learn more information about going overseas.
Remember that doctors post their best work…. Good luck! Let me know who you’re thinking of!
♥ You do look GREAT! I’m sooo happy for your new look. hehe my surgery is this month on the 24th! AHHHH haha STOKEDDDDDDDDD
P.S. I like your videos! 🙂
Yay!! I’m so excited for you! Message me the day before and keep me posted!
♥ Hi
I just got my eyelids done too and your videos have been so informative! THANK YOU SO MUCH, and you also look great !!
So happy for you! Isn’t it so amazing. Good for you to have the guts to do what you wanted!
♥ I did mine from Canada with Dr. X. I’m not really happy with my results. I think mine became too high, and my eyes are so sore and tired it’s been 2 weeks now. I am just wondering how long did it take your eyes to stop being so sore. I envy your results you look so great. Hope to hear from you . Thanks !
Hi! The swelling will go down and the crease will drop as well. I felt like my eyes were sore for two to three weeks, and became sore if I strained them, like opening them too wide, or working long periods. This should pass… I hope you are ok, please keep me posted.

The letter below, she was so sweet and delighted to share the letter (anonomously) with the public:

♥ Pleaseeee read I want your advice and to share my story 🙂
Ok, so as you can see I figured out how to message people haha I have this crazy urge to share my story with you and ask for your advice. IDK I just already feel connected to you lol sorry it’s sooo long I have so much to say though that I’ve never been able to say to anybody else. First off, I just wanna say how much I admire you for being able to share your plastic surgery experience on YouTube. I know I would never be able to openly say that I’ve had work done. I’m 18 (about to be 19) and for my whole life I’ve felt like the ugliest person in the whole world. Then, in the second semester of my junior year of high school I discovered false lashes. It quickly escalated to me wearing it every day and then I began to wear 2 but then curl them a lot and put so many coats of mascara on them. It obviously looked fake but I guess because of the way my eyes are they didn’t look as drag queen fake as say 2 lashes would look on a white person, so I literally became the hottest girl at my school, and everywhere I went guys would look at me and nudge to their friends and say how hot I was and a lot of them you could even hear them say “woah.” I would go to like taco bell or somewhere and you can tell the guys who saw me told their coworkers and the guys in the kitchen would come out just to look at me and they would tell people I should be a model. I absolutely loved it – especially after years of hating myself. The problem was that right when I took them off, I was back to the ugliest girl ever and that’s how I still feel, and on top of that I realized that I wasn’t making any connections with people because it felt like my house and the world outside were 2 completely different dimensions. Like I could never leave the house without all my makeup. My friend couldn’t call me up and say, “I’m so bored can I come over?” without me making up an excuse for why even though she lives 5 minutes away from me she can’t come over until 45 minutes later or a lot of the times saying she can’t come over because of something so I wouldn’t have to do all that work. It was hard to make friends with people because they would all see me and assume I partied all the time and drank and it would be too embarrassing to tell them that I never drank before, never been to a party, and barely have any friends. People don’t make friends with people who clearly wear too much makeup not necessarily because they’re judging you for it but because it doesn’t feel like they’re connecting and having fun with YOU because you’re always having a mask on. idk. Then I was going to college and I though ok perfect I’m gonna find a way to wear less or less dramatic makeup and still look hot. I accomplished that but then I realized I was actually super ugly I had just been looking in really good mirrors. Anyways, now I stop going to that university and I’m back home at a community college. I feel so ugly; in fact, I’ve missed so many days of school and classes just because I thought I was too ugly to show up. I hate it so much. I hate not having that confidence anymore. I’m starting to get into tapes and glue and stuff. So far they haven’t worked for me. They only create a tiny tiny crease that isn’t even worth it to me. That, or it’s only a skin crease whereas I want that nice deep crease and depth to my eyes. Now, I’m trying something where I put a double sided tape on my eye to create a skin crease. Then I just ordered the ab mezical eyelid fiber and hopefully if I put one or two of those on top of that tape/skin crease I created, it’ll create a nice relatively deep and defined crease. If the tape doesn’t work for that, I also just ordered eyelid glue. The glue comes in a couple of days but the ab mezical fiber won’t come until next month :/ I’ve put off looking for a job until I figure out how to look good because who wants to hire an ugly person and plus I’m soooooo tiny like the length under my bust is less than 32 and my face and head shape are literally the flattest you’ve ever seen before, but I don’t want to wear false lashes because then I’m gonna seem too done which is a look I really want to get away from.
I’m just frustrated. It’s literally ALL I think about. Sometimes I try my best to sleep for a few hours just so I can stop feeling all of this. Again, sorry that was soooo long, but I’ve never had anyone in my life who I felt comfortable enough to tell all this to. I live in the midwest in a suburb where it’s like maybe 5% or less Asians? The one Asian friend I do have who is also into looks would judge me soo hard for the tape and glues and stuff and idk I feel like she’s always tried to compete with me? It’s weird.
Anyway, I know your surgeon was Dr. Charles Lee in Beverly Hills, but could you send me his information like his phone number and address? How much did it cost to do your surgery? Exactly what did you ask for/what did you get? (parallel, lateral flare, tapered, high, medium, low, etc.). Did you go into the consultation wanting something but the surgeon telling you it wouldn’t work out with your eyes or face? or anything like that? I know this is soooo much and I apologize again but iIrealllly admire you and want your thoughts 🙂
Hi!! I wanted to reply quickly and tell you I TOTALLY and completely understand your feelings. I felt the same thing like there was a huge difference and I created this image and when I took off the makeup I felt so ugly! I never told anyone either. It beat on my self-esteem bad. I’ll email you more in a little bit, I’m so happy to hear from you, talk soon 🙂
That means so much to me that you’re able to tell me how you really feel inside. I totally felt ugly, too, and wouldn’t admit it, and I so know what you mean with the attention! It’s like I created this image and it was so hard to keep up, having a boyfriend, being “ready” all the time. It held me back in life. I would double up on lashes, too… Now (post-surgery), I’m so glad I’m not a slave to them. They are an option now and I hardly ever put them on. When I do, I try to record a YouTube video, lol. After the surgery, I was finally able to accept myself physically. A huge part of my accepting myself was starting YouTube and connecting with all of you, and then sharing peoples’ stories right back to you so you can relate and know that you have support and aren’t alone. The transition was so dramatically positive, I knew there was no way I was the only person that felt this way. You worded peoples’ deepest emotional feelings so well. We wanna feel beautiful on the inside and out, and I completely support anyone that would want to make a change for a better quality of life. 🙂 I agree, taking the lashes off, I felt like I was living a double life, too. It was not good for my confidence. It would be up and great and then shatter when I would take them off…. I couldn’t stand feeling so bad about myself. I even lived with my boyfriend and the relationship was ruined partly because I couldn’t stand the upkeep of always having my eyes done, the uncomfort, etc., and I became so unhappy and mean. I think partly the reason you don’t feel like you have great connections is because the people around you may not understand what you go through every day, and truly know your thoughts and insecurities, and who would truly have your best interests at heart and care about you, and not compete with you. You may also be feeling a bit self-concious to the point where it’s hard to be fully there to be in the moment with them. BTW, you probably attract a lot of jealousy, too, and a lot of young girls will definately be competing with you, even older women! It’s so weird, because you’re not competing with them and you have no intention to and could care less. You want to be the BEST YOU, and happiness is a priority in your life. Makeup is soo fun! I feel you should be proud of the way you do your makeup, and you will attract men or a man that goes for your look~ men love gals like us, so be proud of yourself! People will judge no matter what, and we have to learn to say, “in one ear and out the other,” and they have to learn to mind their own business and worry about their own lives, not yours! I once knew a man that judged me for “having to go get manicures all the time,” but I don’t get manicures and paint my nails myself, and they turned it into a negative. Some people enjoy bad feelings and creating ways to put others down and blaming others for their own shortcomings. That’s not you, they won’t ever understand you and you won’t understand them because we aren’t dark! My head would spin trying to figure these people out, but now I completely focus on the people I know that are NICE, GENUINE and are SMART. You have to choose to surround yourself with people on your level, and people who have qualities you admire. Keep going to class! We are really, really hard on ourselves. You are so beautiful inside. Some of the most beautiful women are the most insecure. Also, the extreme highs we get from great and exciting things~ like the whole room stops, can be so exhilarating that the normal life almost seems depressing, so please eliminate those harsh thoughts about yourself, because they are not true. 🙂 I feel the older I get and the more knowledge I acquire, the less I care about showing up to places done-up, except for my boyfriend, or certain situations like job interviews where I look the part of clean and more plain. I support you if you decide to do the surgery since you said it’s something you think about all the time, you are continuing to spend lots of time on it, and you are continuing to explore more options, I believe that you are a great fit for this opportunity to enhance yourself on the outside.
My Dr.’s  website is
I got a medium crease, not tapered, but the line close in the inner corners. He actually chose the crease for me since I wear eyeliner, so he said the crease wouldn’t show if I went smaller. I originally thought I could have to DST method, but due to the space, extra skin, and extra fat between my eyes and eyebrows, the DST method wouldn’t look good on me so I had the incisional method!
Thank you again for reaching out to me, and keep me posted…. Keep your chin up~ you’re a smart woman, and I’m rooting for you!!! 🙂
♥ Thank you sosososososososooososososossoososo much for reading my whole message and for replying to it all. You don’t know how much it means to me to hear your words of encouragement and to know that you’ve been through exactly what I’m going through now. You are seriously my inspiration- and not just because I like the way your surgery turned out, but because you had something you didn’t like about yourself and you went out and did something about it.
I have to say this again, because it feels so good just to let it out, but how did you ever overcome feeling so bad about yourself? I absolutely hate wearing so much makeup and especially fake makeup like lashes, and ESPECIALLY 2 lashes. I hate it so much because of the amount of time it takes, not being able to go anywhere without them, not being able to do anything spontaneous, not being able to make real connections with people, people looking at you like, “Oh, she’s so fake and she’s probably ugly without all that makeup,” and fearing that when people see me without makeup they’re gonna think and talk about how bad I look without it all. Plus, the feeling of being so conscious that I’m wearing all this makeup. I love the relatively natural look, as in I would love to be able to just wear foundation, some blush, and eyeliner, or even all that plus filling in my brows and bronzer and even a little bit of eyeshadow, but this lashes situation is so horrible to me. I hate them so much and look like a completely different person without them. On top of that, I look horrible with my natural lip color- lash or no lash, so I wear lip liner and lipstick every day as well, and on top of all THAT, I feel like when I wear all this makeup I literally look like i’m 30. I’m 18. I want to look 18. it feels like the only choice for me is an overdone decent looking 30 year old or a dreadfully bland and ugly looking 18 year old. I’m just so lost, I don’t even know what to do or what to think. I’ve even put off looking for a job because of this even though I desperately want and need one. Again, it feels good to let it out because I’ve never told anyone before. Do you mind telling me how much your surgery was by the way? It’s fine if you don’t want to. I just want a rough estimate of how much I might need to work/make in this coming summer and school year. Also, did you just get the double eyelid created? As in no ptosis fixing or anything like that, because I’m sure that would cost more. Again, thank you so much for sharing your experience on YouTube it means so much to me and I’m sure so many other girls. I’m definitely going to go with your surgeon he seems amazing 🙂
The only way I was able to get over feeling so down about the eyelash maintenance was the surgery. I was living with my boyfriend and had to keep up- that’s what ultimately made me go do it. After that I was over it! I was able to stop caring so much about what other people think as I started to love who I am on the inside AND out! Figuring out our “look” is a really important part of being a feminine woman and you will get there! It took me years. My surgery was $3,900 with ptosis and uneven eyes correction, and incisional, but his fees begin at $2,500 and he offers a student discount as well and a free email photo consultation. 🙂
I did a plan where I financed it for 0% interest through Care Credit for 6 months, so I paid $650 per month for 6 months and I have 1 month to go to pay it off. It was so worth every penny. Totally get the pool thing. I didn’t go to the lake or any water park or water activity. My past boyfriend knew me before the lashes and liked it better, but after that no one would ever see me without em. No one, I even felt insecure if my own family saw me w/out em. My mom said they make a huge difference… I even tried to glue permanent lash glue on my skin so I could swim n the fumes were so bad n made my eyes red and they didn’t stay on the skin!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. It means a lot to me that you reached out to me 🙂 You are wise and a deep thinker, and are going to go far. 🙂
♥ Hi there,
I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me , I wanted to do eyelid surgery for a year now and after watching your videos, it made me rethink of all the possibilities/outcome of the surgery, but I think the chances are worth taking. Have you ever tried wearing tape or glue? I know this message isn’t long, but I hope it means something to you because for a lot Asian girls, you give us hope. I wish you the best of luck in the future truly.
“Those who matter, don’t mind. Those who mind, don’t matter.” Aha. Old Dr. Suess quote but whatever, just something we all have to remind ourselves, thought it be nice to share with you.
Hi girl! I did try the tape once but it looked bad because I needed skin removed, so I didn’t wear it out. Same with the glue. It didn’t work on my type of eyes because I had too much skin, fat and space between my eyes and eyebrows. Thank you so so much for your kind words, and the quote 🙂 I love quotes like that. It’s nice to be reminded of em. I’m so excited for you~ it will make your life better and easier. 🙂
♥ Hi Bob Rob,
I am so excited about your videos on youtube!! I actually am planning on getting the Asian eyelid surgery this summer, but I wasn’t sure which doctor. After seeing your videos, I have a lot more confidence in Dr. Charles Lee.
I have a few questions for you:
What did you tell Dr. Lee when he asked you what you wanted your eyes to look like? I know you already talked about this in one of your videos, but could you provide more detail? What exactly did you tell him? Because your eyes look gorgeous and I would like mine to be very similar!! Did you bring any pictures with you?
Hi girl! I asked for a dome shape on the top. I did email him pics. There’s so much detail about the eyelid that I didn’t get into, but Dr. Lee will know what you mean if you let him know you want eyes like Bob Rob. Haha. I wonder if anyone has said to him, “I would like my eyes like Bob Rob’s.” Thank you so much for your kind words. This surgery is going to change your life!!! You will be more happy about life. I am very for you.
Keep me posted 🙂
♥ Why do you blink so much?
I believe because my contacts are old and my eyes are dry. I need to order new ones.
♥ Thank you so much for uploading all these videos and stuff. It’s so helpful for people like me who are still unsure and confused about stuff. You are so awesome!
♥ The funny thing is that I have braces at the moment as well…and they should be coming off sometimes in July or August. I feel like I’m having a complete makeover! haha
♥ One thing I am worried about is when I go to work…and how to tell my co-workers. The people I work with are white, so they will never understand why I want to get the surgery and they’re Mormons…. so they are even more judgmental. I know that I will have to face people like that and I’m preparing myself for it. I know I can’t hide it and people will ask why I look different and what I have done to my eyes blah blah.
I took 2 weeks off from work, and my coworkers and boss asked me where I was going. I said it’s for a family reunion and some vacay time with them. Lol.
The reason why I lied to them is because I know they will give me looks and ask me a bunchhh of questions and I just want to be happy and excited before surgery… not full of doubts. You know how sometimes when someone talks bad about certain things, then they start putting ideas in your head? Well, I just know I wanted and want nothing and NO ONE to interference with my decision! Lol.
When I get back to work, I’ll just have to tell them that yes I went to visit my fam and at the same time, I got it done so they can take care of me.
My parents are totally ok with this surgery, but when I told them that I want a boob job and they were like oh hellll noooo. Hahah but if I did get it, they would never know.
Unless they became a double D or something!
You are such a sweet gal; you’re so nice! I’ll def keep you posted on my surgery before and after. ^__^
I went through the same thing and I understand you want it to be all positive! They will figure it all out after you come back, so it may be wise to say something casually to your close coworkers right before you go. You may feel better, and it may be less awkward when you come back. You may be surprised at how supportive the people may be. Be PROUD of your choices and they will follow your lead. Have the attitude of~ who gives a crap what anyone thinks!  I’m so excited for you!!! Click here if you want to see how I told my close coworkers about the surgery. 🙂
♥ I just want to thank you soooOO much for being so brave and helpful for your videos about the double eyelid surgery.
♥ You’re so brave to come to LA alone on your own and to do this… If I didn’t live in LA, I think I would have done the same because I really really want this surgery as well!
♥ I am sorry that you had to go through it alone but it was so well worth it because your eyes look so gorgeous now!!! This sounds weird but if I had known you earlier I would of totally help you drive you from surgery office back to your hotel. Not only I can learn a thing or two from it and also I would love to help out someone who wants the same thing I want for my eyes.
Thank you very much!! That’s an awesome idea 🙂
♥ My surgery is next month… and I’m SUPER excited and kinda nervous as well! I hope my result turns out as good as yours!!! hahaha 🙂
Omg!! I’m so happy for you! You are so sweet 🙂 preparing and the anticipation for your new look is so exciting and it’s only up from there. I’m glad for you and feel free to message me whenever. Especially the nighy before- I was too excited and couldnt sleep! I would love to be there for you through this exciting time in ur life!
♥ Your eyes look awesome and so are your videos! Did you go by yourself to get your surgery? You are so brave, I was thinking about it. However, my boyfriend found out that I wanted to get it done and he said he will go with me. Though I think he will be scared to look at me after post-op! HAHA. I think you are Dr. Lee’s best work yet!! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to travel to Korea or Hong Kong or stay in the United States, but now I’m REALLY indecisive. Is it okay if I add you on Facebook? I’m not sure when I am getting the surgery, but I really would love to have someone who has gone through it already.
Yes~ Feel free to add me. My email is searchable on my facebook. 🙂 It’s great to keep in touch, the YouTubers typically come and go so fast~ thank you for adding me. If you want to see a video of what I’ve learned about the United States vs. going overseas for Asian cosmetic surgery, click here to get a jump start on your research. See you on Facebook! 🙂
♥ Thank you so much for this video. My mom isn’t judgemental of me, but my dad is. I don’t live with my dad and he’s the typical Asian dad. He doesn’t approve of my college major or anything. I want the double eyelid surgery SO bad, but I’m afraid to tell my mom. I use eyelid tape and glue, but it’s not the same. I want something permanent. I’ve heard that it’s good to get it done in Korea, but is your surgeon comparable to a Korean surgery? By the way your results are beautiful!!!
Dr. Lee is an Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University, which is on the same level as Harvard in the United States; however, there is a difference of government oversight of the US vs. overseas. If you want to see what it is, click here.
♥ How long was it bumpy for? I will let my friend know. You look great!!!
I didn’t ever consider my incision bumpy, so I don’t feel like it was ever bumpy. I have heard others say theirs stayed bumpy. That kind of freaks me out, as if it’s scar tissue in their eyelids, but I didn’t have that. I know another lady who went to a Dr. because of convenience (lived near her house and quoted her a low price) and her eyes are bumpy and her folds don’t look “crisp” now and she has to go get a revison by Dr. Lee.
♥ Hi. Saw your video on your surgery. My friend is thinking of having hers done. Did you get scars on your eyelids where they did the incision cut? Wouldn’t the skin become bumpy in that area leaving a scar? If so, did you use a scar cream? Thanks!
At first the skin looks different because of the stitching and swelling. I just stared at the incision in the mirror and it looks like a very thin colorless light line, and I wonder if it’s going to disappear (Update- it did disappear). I didn’t know about bumpy skin until people messaged me about them. I didn’t use a scar cream, and if I could go back I wouldn’t, because it looks fine to me. (I’m a really picky person!)
♥ Did you used a scar cream for your eyelids? Which cream? And for how long? Thanks!
No, I didn’t, but it couldn’t hurt. By the way I went to a doctor for a consultation to adjust different scars and then when I left, I spoke with a doctore friend and they advised me that over the counter scar creams like Mederma and silicone absolutely work- you have to keep at it~ It can take up to 6 months, and you don’t have to pay for a doctor to do it! 
♥ Dr. Charles Lee did a great job!!! For how long did you have the stitches?
I had the dissolvable sutures, but three days post surgery, Dr. Lee took some out, then they dissolved, but I remember pulling a piece out a while later. It was so gross omg!
♥ Wow, loves the eyelids!!!
Thank you so much 🙂 It was all Dr. Lee.
♥ How much was your double eyelid surgery?
$3,900 + $110 medication + ~$1,000 travel expenses. It will probably be much lower for everyone else who plans ahead, unlike I did. With the information I know  now after going through the surgery, the travel expenses can be much less. If you want to see how to prepare for eyelid surgery with Dr. Lee, click here. His fee begins at around $2,500 and he offers a student discount as well 🙂

6 Comments on Questions & Answers

  1. Emma
    August 27, 2015 at 12:29 pm (6 years ago)

    I just did my double eyelid surgery about a month and a half ago and I’m healing on the sloooooooooow side. I’m still swollen and a little bit red. I ice every day. Is there anything else I can do? I saw your video about taking vitamin C, but idk if it will do anything at this stage. My one month mark looked like someone’s 1 week mark or even someone’s 1 day mark!! I’ve been really stressed out about it lately. Also how are your scars? Mine are really bumpy and red. Were yours bumpy?? THANKS A LOT>

    • Mali
      September 25, 2015 at 9:00 pm (6 years ago)

      Hi Emma! I just now saw your message. Which procedures did you get and who did you go to? YES, vitamin C will do something at this stage. Dr. Lee recommends taking it 1 week after surgery to help even more : ) No, mine were not bumpy at all and my eyelids feel like they did before surgery. omg sorry for the delay. It has been 1 month since you wrote this. How are you doing now?

  2. Thao
    December 6, 2015 at 2:21 am (6 years ago)

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I have considered it for a long time now but never felt comfortable with any of the surgeons I researched. I somehow landed on your YouTube channel, and from there I followed your blog, I have to say I must go to Dr Lee! If you don’t mind me asking, how long until you looked normal enough so that people don’t really know you had anything done? I don’t want my family and friends to know…

    • Mali
      December 19, 2015 at 5:09 pm (6 years ago)

      Hi Thao! Totally get your dilemma. I would say if you have the incisional procedure, after 3 to 4 weeks, people are not likely to notice if you put foundation over the face and eye area. Also, apply eye liner and lashes to help cover up any of the light poofiness : )

  3. Kelly
    March 28, 2016 at 3:16 pm (5 years ago)

    Hi Mali, I just have my surgery done 8 days ago and my eyelids is huge like a sausage and i notice that one size is bigger then the other side i just feel sick everytime i look at the mirror. I want to know how long will it take for that sausage lids to go down. I been avoid my friends n family because i look weird n even my kids scary to look at me. I feel like i making a mistake doing this surgery and dont have anyone that have the experience to talk with. I am in a lot of stress at this stage please help.

    • Mali
      March 28, 2016 at 10:26 pm (5 years ago)

      Hi Kelly! This is the process we all go through post-op that no one will tell you about. I have been there for girls that went through an emotional roller coaster to an exponential degree. I went through the same emotional roller coaster, especially at the times when I was by myself. It’s like an everyday struggle, then surgery, then a dip lower into struggle, then it goes up from here. I wrote an “after” letter, and I think this part may help you : )

      Your eyelids will change to a completely different eyelid. The time it takes for people to heal will differ with everybody. The younger you are, the chances are the faster you will heal. As for the bruising, the more bleeding that occurred during surgery- a blood vessel that was difficult for the Dr. to stop bleeding, the more bruising you will have. The more bruising you have, the longer it will take for you to heal. If you had skin removal only, it will take on average 3 to 5 days for the swelling and bruising to heal. If you had skin and fat removal, the healing time will take about 1 to 2 weeks for the swelling and bruising to go down. For optimal healing results in the first two weeks make sure to ice, rest, and elevate your head. Try to sleep on your back and avoid laying in any way that pulls on your face/eye area. Try to avoid activities that dry the eyes such as reading, watching TV, wearing contacts, and using your computer. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from wind and sun irritation, and avoid any activities that increase blood flow to the eyes such as exercise and no crying! Avoid drinking alcohol, too! People with a positive and healthy outlook on life will likely heal faster and stress and worry will likely make the healing process slower. Either way you will heal, but why not speed up the process by keeping a great attitude and a focused mindset of the great outcome you’re about to achieve!


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