Sausage Eyes After Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Imagine going to the car wash during the first week after Asian Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Lee (~of course~) and getting out of your car. You’re standing there waiting for an attendant, and out of the corner of your right eye, you can feel someone to the right of you staring at your sausagey eyes, fresh out of surgery.
You’re thinking, Omg… This is one of the “first” people that are looking at me with my new eyes and and I’m in public without eye makeup. This is all new to me…
What is he thinking?
Then he says, “Your eyes are really unique. I like them.”
In my head, “UM YEAH. LOLOLOLOL!”
I first looked at him to the right without moving my head, and thought, “they’re fake haha.”
I totally wanted to say that, but I didn’t… because then it would lead into “the conversation” about eyelid surgery, so I said, “O. Thank you!”
After surgery, you will go through some phases before your eyes get to the results.
Below is a letter from one of Dr. Lee’s patients! She is so cute, and she wrote to me, describing her eyes as ~sausagey~  : )
We will all go through the same phase immediately post-surgery, and I remember looking for videos on how to do eye makeup for Asian double eyelids post-surgery and I couldn’t really find any, so I made a tutorial on the light lashes I use post-surgery here
I miss when my eyes were so big, but now they look more natural. I feel like the girl that looks better without makeup now, and I never ever thought that would be a possiblilty, ever….
Here is the letter for you to see~ you are not alone post-Asian Eyelid Surgery
Thank you for your fearless videos & blogging. I watched your  videos prior to my own surgery with Dr. Lee late September and they were a huge help 🙂
Can you tell me how long it took for the puffiness/swelling to go away? I’m currently at just over three weeks. My lids are most swollen in my inner eye corners & I’m hyperventilating with the fear that they’ll be permanently high and sausagey  🙁
I had incision eye surgery with ptosis correction & epicanthoplasty.
Thanks for your feedback!
I am sooo happy for you!!
I also felt like “omg” at times in the beginning, because I knew my eyes looked swollen, but don’t worry. The eyelids change dramatically with time. With mine, the crease dropped lower and my crease is tight now and is cradling my eyes. I took it day by day and stared at them in the mirror. Now, I miss the large swollen look, but I like both looks!
The more you rest your eyes (as opposed to staring at a computer at work all day), the faster the swelling goes down. Hang in there girl! It’s all up hill from here! Yay!
Keep me posted 🙂
Thanks for responding!! It’s really funny, I went back to work a few days ago & stared people in the eye and they couldn’t really tell what I had done. I have bangs & lots of hair, but still!!!
Yes! Some people cannot tell and during the first week post-surgery, I went to get a car wash and a man commented and said he liked my eyes. I thought, “haha it’s fake,” but I just said “thank you.” 🙂
Did you have a monolid?
Hi again!
I had a really tiny fold so tight to my lash line, it doesn’t count. I got the surgery because I was using my forehead & brows to lift my eyes 🙁 That’s why for most of my life I’ve had to have bangs, and using forehead/brows is very tiring!
 So I was wondering how long it took before your eyes finally settled?
Did your eyelids initially pull away from the eyeball for the first while? I.e. you could see too much of the upper eyelid watermark?
Also, did you go through a fugly phase?
Anyway, I hope you keep on blogging. I think of you as the Asian warrior princess!
Yesss! The upper lids pulled up from the eyeball and you could see the watermark and they were shaped like almond eyes with the sides sort of pointing upward at first. It changes completely~ I was scared that I was fugly, but anything was better than before.
I would say three months they really looked “normal.”
Thank you so much for the compliment! You r soooo sweet <3<3 and you motivated me… I wonder if people read it, so thank you : )
Thanks! The recovery is hard: 1) because there’s not much useful info on the Internet about actual recovery; 2) feel so alone! And 3) it’s our faces — eek!
I know it! I totally feel you. I was scared at first, but it will go down and get tighter in between your eyes and eyebrows.
For My Dear Readers:
Thank you so much for stopping by and hang tight through the recovery process~ I’m so excited when people write to me that they went to Dr. Lee and went through with the surgery, because it’s what’s ahead of them that I know they will feel so much relief within themselves.
XO Mali

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  1. Patty
    September 25, 2015 at 12:16 am (5 years ago)

    You don’t think they look obviously done though especially without makeup on. Asians would be able to tell you had surgery done I would think. Did you tell him to make them more natural looking?


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