How to Prepare for Asian Eyelid Surgery

Most of you are traveling to see Dr. Lee to get your surgery. It’s really exciting to hear about girls coming to see Dr. Lee from all over the world- mainland China, Switzerland, Canada. I want you to have this check list in advance so you’re stress-free and comfortable, knowing you’re set when you come to surgery, and you only have to think about resting up after your surgery!

I have that complete list in detail right here for you and then at the bottom, a possible shopping list you can use/modify, depending on what you already have:

Check away <333

  1. Surgery- Arrange payment. You don’t have to have the cash up front to get your surgery. I used CareCredit, and CareCredit is AWESOME! You can borrow money without paying any interest as each doctors office offers a unique promotion for their patients. Mine was a 6 month interest-free period. What people don’t know is, you can actually get the surgery sooner than you think! I would have loved to have gotten the surgery when I was a teen, if only I knew it existed then.

  1. Cash- Arrange to carry with you cash for Dr. Lee’s apartment fee if you’re able to book in time and get a spot, at least three taxi rides and a nurse if you are hiring one to take you home after your surgery- Dr. Lee’s staff can provide one for you. The nurses are available in time frames from 4 hours to overnight care. Tip: For safety when you’re traveling, it’s best to separate your cash from your wallet where you would normally keep it.

  1. Work- coordinate time off work with your eyelid surgery date and book your surgery, obviously, lolz. Tip: The earlier the better because that way you can secure a spot at Dr. Lee’s apartment. The sooner you book your appointment, the higher the chances of apartment space being available for you. If you are looking to sort of “hide out” and go back to work less noticeable, try to get two weeks off.

  1. Hotel- If the doctor doesn’t provide an apartment, book your hotel in advance as well. You want the hotel of your choice, and you want a room on the 1st floor as close to the lobby as possible; otherwise, you’ll be pushed around in a wheel chair blindfolded, which will seem like forever down a maze with large, loud crowds of people surrounding you and watching you like a side show circus act, when you just can’t wait to go crawl and hide in your cozy bed! To this day, I feel like that’s what happened to me! My hotel room was sooooooo far from the front entrance! Poor me.

  1. Flight- You also want to book early and give yourself extra time to get to the grocery store before you go to surgery. Preparation is key.

  1. A tip on reducing bruising: Take Vitamin C beginning at least two weeks before surgery, but stay away from various medications and supplements before and immediately after surgery: aspirin, Advil, vitamin E, fish oil, Chinese herbs, etc. Advil can make you bleed too much! If you’re a smoker, try to stop smoking two weeks prior and two weeks after surgery. I had zero bruising and I believe it’s because I took vitamin C pre-op, 500 mg 2 times per day, 2 weeks before surgery. Taking it after surgery helps, too!

Prepare your bag:

  1. Pre-op forms: print, read, and sign

  2. Tylenol (Tylenol is approved by Dr. Lee), hydrogen peroxide (clean your stitches post-surgery), regular Vaseline (keep stitches moist until follow-up appointment with Dr. Lee), lots of q-tips, and make-up remover wipes. Although you won’t be wearing makeup, it’s good to have to freshen up while you’re recovering in bed and a great subsitute for the nightly face-washing routine. I really love the Boots No7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes. I found them at Walgreens and they look like this:

    boots face wipesIf you’re flying (like most patients are) be sure the liquids are in a 3.4 oz or smaller containers and they all fit in a quart-sized zip-top bag for carry-on baggage

  3. Comfy zip up tops, comfy pants, comfy undergarments

  4. Slip-on shoes. Summer: Tennis shoes with clean socks (I made sure to wash my tennis shoes, because I know the nurse is going to be handling them, putting them on my feet after surgery) or winter: comfy boots preferably, something sturdy as you don’t want to risk tripping in flip flops/loose shoes

  5. Sunglasses and prescription glasses if you have them

  6. Your daily care items, obvzz : )

Arrival: Go to the grocery store and get lots of food, drinks, and paper goods to make yourself comfortable. There’s a new grocery store 6 miles from Dr. Lee’s office called 365. It’s a grocery store by Whole Foods- I think that would be a great place to go. I also love Trader Joe’s, too. They’re easily accessible in Los Angeles.

Night before surgery:

  1. Put all valuables in safe (if available)

  2. Prepare your purse with signed pre-op papers, cash for 1 taxi + tip, nurse, and payment for your prescription medicine. You will likely be getting an antibiotic (around $16) and Vicodin (around $40) or something along that line.

  3. Shampoo hair twice, vigorously massaging scalp well.

Morning before surgery:

  1. Shampoo hair twice (again), vigorously massaging scalp well. 

@ Doctor’s

  1. Turn in all your pre-op forms

  2. If you tend to get sick from anesthesia, ask a nurse for medicine to combat nausea

  3. Pay for and collect all meds. You should be receiving an antibiotic and a pain killer like Vicodin or whatever your doctor is providing at the time

  4. Give them your cash to give to the nurse that’s picking you up


Shopping List

  • Vitamin C 500 mg tablets
  • Tylenol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vaseline
  • Q-tips
  • Travel bottles for liquids 3.4 oz or smaller
  • Other: Travel size toiletries
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Quart-size Ziplock bag
  • Bank- Cash
  • Print forms and sign

**Tip: I got my eyebrows done prior to surgery so my face would look better as I went through the healing process. Make sure you leave some time in between before your surgery date. I go to the Euro Wax Center in AZ.

Be prepared to love your bed for the next few days, wherever you’re staying, because you’ll be going back to lay in it a lot for rest!

Sending you well wishes for your surgery and fast recovery!

XO Mali

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