Peoples Reaction To Asian Eyelid Surgery

A few weeks ago, I met up with a friend for dinner and my blog came up.

I began talking with him about Asian Eyelid Surgery, and OMG I regret bringing it up!

Let’s be real.

It’s purely annoying to speak with casual friends about Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, because

1. I don’t feel like explaining myself. Really smart people know that I wanted a change and I made that change, period!

2. The majority of them do not care to understand you. They care about being righteous and wanting to overpower you and that’s how they get their kicks. Ew!

I had one experience with this and that one was enough!

He got all serious aka jealous and immediately made jabs like,

“It’s not in your DNA!”

I would’ve liked to have said, “Why does it matter to you? I’m not having your baby!”

… So then he continues, “You’re trying to look white!”

I rolled my big white eyes and changed the subject.


he sil

In this very moment, I decided that it’s not worth wasting another breath of mine talking with him about it. I have nothing to prove to him nor have the desire to defend myself.

It’s such a controversial in-depth topic, so it may be best not to speak about it at all.

Just because someone is educated and has knowledge in other areas and may seem to be an open-minded person, that doesn’t mean that they are one to open up to about Asian Eyelid Surgery.

In my experience, I’ve found that people tend to be highly emotional about Asian Eyelid Surgery, and I believe that it actually has nothing to do with Asian Eyelid Surgery, and EVERYTHING to do with THEM.

If you find that it’s YOU that feels angry against it, sad, jealous, or bad about it, truly ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

However you choose to internalize it, if you are real with yourself and adopt the belief that big eyes can be attractive no matter what your race is, you will get much further in life than to deny it and live a delusional, blameful life.

All races have double eyelids.

People get their eyes pulled to make their eyes look more exotic. Think Kim Kardashian and Heidi Speidi. Does that mean that they are trying to look Asian?

It doesn’t matter.

If you are sad about it, ask yourself why. It’s an opportunity for a person to gain confidence, and that’s all positive, not sad. Some people look really good with the mono-lid, and others will look great with a double eyelid. It’s a personal decision. If a child has large ears and gets surgery to pin them back, are you going to get sad about it and cry, or are you going to be happy for the child because he’s going to gain confidence? Would you tell the child, “Preserve your ears!” or “That’s not in your DNA!”

Do you make snide remarks and jab at people? If you feel jealous, what is it you feel jealous of? Is it because the individual looks AMAZING?!

Is it because of $$$? You can afford to have the surgery, too. You can save your money just like I can. I prefer spending, too, but if I really want something I have to put aside money for it, just like you can, too.

Answer these questions honestly then look at those traits in yourself and work on them by retraining your thoughts to better yourself, and you will become a more mindful person.

My purpose in this is, your thoughts directly affect you.

If you have loving, positive thoughts and feelings towards opportunities and others, you will attract loving, thoughtful people, and opportunities in your life as well.

If you have negative feelings and beliefs, your life will be a living hell.

If you feel like you’re in such a bad mood, know that it will soon pass, and keep going! Meanwhile, figure out what is causing that! At times, these negative feelings will come from where it seems out of nowhere and overwhelm me, and I’ll feel so bad that I can’t get rid of it, but it’s my body telling me something, such as, I ate poison (fast food, salt overdose) that didn’t agree with me. That’s me. What causes your bad feelings? Are you surrounded by negative or shady people? Are you the evil one? Stop being so evil! Change that, or suffer.

Life isn’t dealt to you. It’s responding to you…. You get what you give, period!

Be one of the 10% of the people in this world that get this, and you will never complain again… or be the other 90% of the people on this planet that live as victims who actually say out loud, “This is the life I was dealt.” That’s an excuse.

Be always willing to learn and willing to think on a deeper level, be the person willing to have more knowledge and you will live a much more fulfilled, happier life, no matter what your circumstances may be.

Ok hehe back to the surgery…

You get to choose your beliefs. You get to choose to appreciate life and what it has to offer… to be great, to be your own free spirit, and live your life to the best you know how.

Everyone deserves to feel confident.

Someone’s life is going to change for the better.

If this is what you truly desire and want for yourself, don’t let anyone bring you down or tell you otherwise. Stick with like-minded people who support you, who truly have your best interests at heart, are open-minded like you, who choose to adopt the positive in what life has to offer, and have the right attitude.

If you don’t currently have any of those people in your life, you have me… I understand what you’re going through and I’m here for you!

I’m so happy to have you as my virtual friend.

We have connected on this issue and I think of you as a soul sister.

Thank you so so much for reaching out to me and becoming a dear friend of mine. <3<3

I look forward to the great people I converse with virtually- U!, and I hope for this to be a place where you can come and feel accepted and understood for whatever you want to be.

Sincerely, Your Virtual Friend,

Mali XO


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