What To Eat Pre and Post- Surgery


Any time the body undergoes an operation, it’s being put under added stress. Recovering from surgery requires more nutrients from our bodies, so being well-nourished leading up to surgery means your body is better equipped to handle surgery and this translates into faster healing and recovery.

Here are some fast, easy, and nutritious suggestions for us busy on-the-go people : )

Clif bars are convenient, fulfilling, and come in over 36 varieties. I like the oatmeal raisin, white chocolate chip, banana nut bread, and iced gingerbread. I also love the organic iced oatmeal cookie bars for kids. The bars are loaded with 70% organic ingredients, ~12 vitamins and minerals per bar, including Vitamins: A, C, Calcium, Iron, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, Folate, B12 (good mood vitamin!), and more. Trader Joe’s seem to carry the most variety from where I’m from, AZ, USA for like $1 or less each. I also love Trader Joe’s mini organic apples which would be perfect to eat pre and post surgery.

Whole Foods carries a whole wall and large variety of nutrition bars from $1-$4 each. This is the best quality and it’s fun to choose as this place supports local vendors. I love gathering different nutrition bars from here in general in place of other snacks @ home. Here are some samples of nutrition bars you can get at Whole Foods grocery:

bars border

Healthy Food Bars

Eat the beef one first and get it out of the way. lol jk.

Another delicious snack to have on hand are organic chips, pita bread, and hummus. Who isn’t obsessed with hummus? My favs are the red pepper and the cilantro jalapeno kind. Hummus is rich in protein and the high iron content helps boost your energy and are also important for creating new blood cells. The combined nutrients in hummus can help you bounce back after surgery.

If you want whole veggies and something so easy, I recommend organic avocado and tomato with your fav crackers. Slice tomato, mash avocado, and fold avocado over tomato to combine! The super food avocado provides vitamin b to help you fight off infections, vitamin C to help support wound healing and also is involved with the production of collagen, which maintains healthy connective tissues in your skin and blood vessels. Perfect to eat at this time! Bonus: The avocado totally masks the tomato taste and contains fiber which makes you feel full so you’re not scrambling around in a couple of hours looking for something else to eat. You can even pack a plastic knife and fork with you and bring it on the plane as a carry-on item, as long as it’s wrapped.

Organic pressed juices also aid in healing and are super yummy + nutritious.

Along with your pre-op Vitamin C, a diet rich in nutrients will give your body that extra boost to help you recover from the stresses of surgery.

What are some of your food recommendations for surgery?

Leave them in the comments below.

XO Mali

4 Comments on What To Eat Pre and Post- Surgery

  1. sono19
    November 20, 2015 at 7:26 pm (6 years ago)

    I think eating yoghurts after surgery would be good too? Since they are very good for digesting. And combined with fruits and veggies they make a perfect meal to me! Drinking lots of juices is good too. Basically, you just need to provide the body with lots of vitamins 😉 Good article!

  2. Caitlin
    November 22, 2015 at 6:02 pm (6 years ago)

    Great post with very helpful advice! These are all great foods to eat pre and post surgery and also anytime! I love Trader Joe’s, especially their hummus. We just recently got a Whole Foods nearby so I’ll have to check them out since I like nutrition bars.

  3. Isabela
    February 4, 2016 at 2:12 am (5 years ago)

    Had my eye surgery yesterday. I can Barely open my eyes and I look like a monster!
    I know after surgery the lock wouldn’t be the best but in scared that after healing it , it won’t look perfect . I’m really worried . I didn’t take vitamin c like u did pre surgery . If I take now it will work ?
    The pain was so bad last night but today is gone , thank god . Still didn’t take the antibiotics . Is it really necessary to take it? I feel fine . My doc said yes but I rather avoid taking all these medications . I’m already taking plenty for the pain , for the eyes …
    Once you already got through this , help me with some advice !! Im Aline ar the hotel . Didn’t wanna tell anyone I would get this surgery. I took only one week off from work. I’m really worried my look won’t b the way I want to. Feel so insecure !!!!!

    • Mali
      February 4, 2016 at 11:25 am (5 years ago)

      Hi Isabela! Yes, taking Vitamin C will definitely help now! Be sure to follow the instructions per your doctor to take your antibiotics. This is to prevent any infections on your incision/stitching. Sorry to hear about the pain, I’m glad it’s gone now.
      Remember that “after” letter I was telling you about, well here is the part in the letter I think you will relate to : )

      The next big moment is looking in the mirror. I was so nervous to go look at myself. I remember being so scared. Will I look ok? I’m going to be a brand new person. Does that come with a fresh start in life? After my nurse left, I rolled out of bed to go look, and… I actually looked exactly the same, I felt, just with tucked in eyelids. My whole face still looked the same. I was still the same person! As if the rest of my face would change? LOL, the mind wanders. Then, I took a look closer. From the front, to the sides, and on the side angle, I had a moment where I felt, YES, this is going to look great! I could see it through the puffiness and also, I chose to believe and walked away from the mirror. That is so important, my friend- make the choice right now to believe no matter what you see in the mirror, even if you have big purple eyes lolzzz.
      Now, the mental process: I have been there for girls that went through an emotional roller coaster to an exponential degree. I went through the same emotional roller coaster, especially at the times when I was by myself. It’s like internally, a confusion of questions:
      Who am I? You are someone slightly new just like every day you wake up as someone slightly new from learning and changing little by little every day.
      Is it going to heal? Yes, of course it is. No one ends up with big purple puffy eyes as a final result.
      Are my eyes and eyelids going to stay this big and high? No, it will drop to a completely different and softer natural look and will blend well with your face.
      I’m so confused because I don’t feel pretty inside right now, and I actually don’t feel good at all. I thought I was supposed to look way better. This is normal and part of the healing process is feeling this way. It’s like an everyday struggle, then surgery, then a dip lower into struggle for a bit, then it goes up from here.
      To top it all off, I just went through a brand new foreign experience, I must add- awake and aware- the Asian Eyelid Surgery, and now I’m fresh out of surgery looking at myself in the mirror- which is so not your final result!

      Going back to work one week post-op will be ok, I would just use matte makeup with black eyeliner to help make the eyes look less swollen. In my 2.5 week post-op YouTube video, I look almost normal, but it’s because of the makeup and falsies I glued on my eyelids that made all the difference : )


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